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The process:

The hiring pipeline varies heavily across startups/companies.

Usually, it’s a few traditional Data Structure & Algo rounds followed by ML focussed interviews. Although these might vary heavily.

DS & Algo Focused Resources:

ML Focused Resources:

  • - report about various ML/DL/DS/SE roles + tests measuring your DL/ML/Math/Algo/DS/SE/AI knowledge + certification + jobs → a company(Andrew Ng)


This is a wiki where we can collect & community source the best resources for preparing for interviews.


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[Wiki Update] Added github repo of AstronomerAmber containing interview prep resources


Thank you for putting this together! I am past my second year of full time deep learning self study and glad to see these resources. The journey is long and arduous, so I think it is important that we stick together and support each other. Still haven’t interviewed yet, so curious as to what is actually expected.

The resources are kind of disheartening, because they have absolutely nothing to do with anything I have done for the last two years, and I can’t answer basically any of the ML: questions.

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Added a new resource I found out about - . It’s been a nice pace to practice interviewing with my hectic schedule


[Wiki Update] Added applied NLP focused guide from

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Thanks for putting this together!
I’ve been building an educational tool with a question bank, practice exams, and learning curricula for machine learning/data science interviews: Confetti AI. Hope it helps people!


Thanks for sharing! @meric Please feel free to add it to the Top wiki

Will do!

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Added Acing AI for ML System Design topics

[Wiki Update]

  • Added Chip Huyen ML Interview book and Patrick Halina blogpost about ml system design interview guide.