Why swift instead of Julia

Reading block post about swift coming to fastai I wonder why swift instead of Julia which to me seems to be better equip than swift.


See the ‘Why Swift for Tensorflow’ document which has an overview at least from the TF team’s perspective.

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Because there are Apple and Google behind Swift? :wink:

Gotta checkout Gilbert Strang’s impression for Julia, Swift is such a beautiful language…

Does this mean that fastai will also support tensorflow?
So now you can pick whether to use tensorfow or pytorch when running your model?

Thank adrian for the info. It turn out the tensorflow team pick swift because of Chris Lattner is on their team!

@vanh Just to add, in case you missed it there was also a presentation and announcement for TensorFlow.jl. You can check out the codebase for it at the link below.

Look very interesting I wonder if fastai would be interested?

Interesting …
came across swift-jupyter https://github.com/google/swift-jupyter
I think this is also available by default in your colab environment but haven’t tried it yet though

Some pretty cool developments in Julia-land recently (debugger): https://julialang.org/blog/2019/03/debuggers

I have not try it yet. Don’t know how well it works.

Also think Julia will be better choice i know google get Swift creator thats why they are doing it but here at fast.ai i was hoping for usage of “best” tools :stuck_out_tongue: