Why i can not turn of tfm_y=True in .transform and also loaded label images are blurred

As in lesson 7
We have seen that we are creating label for crappy images from the folder of original images .
I am trying that with different data 0000.png,0001.png,0002.png …

And my code is

from PIL import Image,ImageDraw,ImageFont
import fastai
from fastai.vision import *
from fastai.callbacks import *

from fastai.vision.gan import *

path_to_data = './data'
path_to_crapy_images = './crappy'

def crappyify(fn,i):
    dest = path_to_crapy_images/fn.relative_to(path_to_data)
    dest.parent.mkdir(parents = True,exist_ok=True)
    img = PIL.Image.open(fn)
    targ_sz = resize_to(img,96,use_min=True)
    img = img.resize(targ_sz,resample=PIL.Image.BILINEAR).convert('RGB')
    w,h = img.size
    q = random.randint(15,70)

il = ImageList.from_folder(path_to_data)

bs,size = 32,128
arch = models.resnet34
src = ImageImageList.from_folder(path_to_crapy_images).split_by_rand_pct(0.1, seed=42)
def get_data(bs,size):
    data = (src.label_from_func(lambda x: f'{path_to_data}/{x.name}')
           .transform(get_transforms(max_zoom=2.), size=size, tfm_y=True)
           .databunch(bs=bs).normalize(imagenet_stats, do_y=True))

    data.c = 3
    return data
data_gen = get_data(bs,size)


But the problem is when i do data_gen.show_batch(4,figsize=(5,5)) label image also got blurred.
I want to turn of the y rotation so when i do tfm_y =False some error through up .

RuntimeError: stack expects each tensor to be equal size, but got [3, 1100, 850] at entry 0 and [3, 923, 578] at entry 2