Why fit_generator is much slower than fit(keras2)?

Hi, I have a large dataset(around 100GB). so I tried bcolz_array_iterator.py discussed in the forum(chunklen is set to 16.) Batch size is set to 1024. The training time takes 2-3 hours for one epoch. Instead i tried fitting by first loading them all into memory, then using fit method. It takes only less 10 minutes for one epoch(I use the muti_gpu.py discussed here, but it seems not working with fit_generator).
I also tried tuning the number of workers parameter(from 2 to 16) as discussed in the forum, but it seems not working. I observed that the utility of gpu is very low(almost 0) for the fit_generator.

So why is it so slow to use fit_generator? how can I improve the speed using it( I have larger dataset which cannot fitted into the memory anyway). How do you deal with very very large dataset? Hope to get a more concrete solution. Thanks a lot!

You can try using queues in tensorflow . For more information check the below link.


It sounds like your script is either a) not using the gpu or b) generating data too slowly to keep gpu occupied.

Hard to troubleshoot without more info.

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to check your gpu

from tensorflow.python.client import device_lib
print (device_lib.list_local_devices())