Why Do we get Different Results on Different Runs?

Can any one kindly give like an overview answer as to why two runs on the same model return different accuracy or losses when run a different time?

Or is there a way to get the same results even after a different run? :thinking:

Reproduciability is one of the biggest problem in machine learning. No two runs have the same result. There is lots of randomness in the learning process like splitting train test data, choosing which set of data being used in each batch and so on. This is expected. As long as the two runs have similar values instead of the same value, we should be good.


I agree with what @nareshr8 wrote. On top of that, random weight initialization and dropout are additional sources of randomness in the training procedure of neural networks.

@jimmiemunyi I also recommend having a look at this thread: [Solved] Reproducibility: Where is the randomness coming in?


thanks @nareshr8 and @stefan-ai.

Thanks for the thread suggestion too

random_seed(0,use_cuda=False ) before tabular_learner and also fit_one_cycle

in V1 was helpful in reproducing results.

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You get different results when making inference? Or when training?
Because if it is when training it is normal and that is why they have put you up, but if it is when making inference it should not happen

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