Who's going to the Pytorch conference?

It would be great to meet up with other fast.ai learners.

Hey Brian, I intend to attend this too, good luck!

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Is it possible to watch the talks online?

I’ll be there! Please come say hi, fast.ai folks. :slight_smile:


I would be there too. Hope to meet everyone

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I’ll be there too!


There will be a live stream available here:


Thank you!

I was eagerly waiting for the livestream. Thanks to the internet and the community for making these events accessible for everyone. Thanks @brian for sharing the link.

Anyone else following up on Pytorch 1.0 release? The C++ frontend, and the trace/script mode of executions seem very interesting. Might be a good exercise to port one of the fastai assignments to C++. Here are some notes I took from attending the conference, specifically regarding Pytorch 1.0


Very nice! I just went to post that on Twitter but couldn’t find a twitter handle to credit you. Do you have one?

sure @jeremy, mine is https://twitter.com/nikhilbalaji . Was great catching up with the fastai folks over there :slight_smile:

Thanks. BTW if you add that to your medium profile then you’ll be credited automatically when someone shares it.

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