Whoah... what happened to these forums?!

I’m gone for a week and

  • @jeremy publishes a video still in stealth mode on random forests :heart:
  • Intro workshop takes place and this amazing set of resources is shared as a wiki thread
  • An intro thread explodes with so many interesting personal stories
  • We get 500$ AWS credit which coincides with AWS releasing a new type of GPU instance (p3)
  • The forum is teeming with live as we ramp up for lecture 1

So much pure awesomeness and all in just a week :smiley: Very excited to be part of this journey and super psyched up this is happening! Lecture 1 is just around the corner and quite a few weeks of this awesome ride ahead of us!

Just… must… find… time… to devote to studying and what is probably even harder must figure out what to give my time to as I seem to have a tendency of going on fanciful tangents instead of spending time on the activities that really count

Ah this will be good.