While using y_range, not adding Sigmoid layer

Hi, I am trying to create a TabularModel. I am trying to guess a probability, so y_range=(0,1). I have couple of problems.

  1. Whenever I have y_range, learning rate plot is not looking right. See below.

  2. Whenever I add y_range, learn.model should automatically have a Sigmoid layer at the end. But this is not happening.

re 2.:
The sigmoid is not added as an nn.layer but rather applied as F.sigmoid() in the forward method of the model, so it does happen, but you will not see it in the model layer list. See here (line 155 below):


Thanks @marcmuc. Code would have been more readable if they had added it to the Sequential model.

Anyone can help me please with Question 1?

add skip_end=0 to your learn.recorder.plot()

It did not help.

have a look at how lr_find works and try experimenting with different parameters