Which version of the cs231n is better?

I was thinking of taking another course with the fastai course,and i’ve heard really good things about Karpathy’s cs231n course.However, Karpathy no longer teaches the cs231n,so I want to know whether or not i should study the new 2018 version of the course or the old winter 2016,or maybe mix and match.i want to hear your opinions about this.

I have gone through both the versions of CS231n and they cover the same content. So, the initial lectures which teach you the basics have the same slides. And as you progress to the later lectures the latest research is just incorporated into the slides along with the previous stuff.
The guest lectures are different for the two versions of the course, so you can watch the guest lectures of both the versions.
As a general rule, in a field like DL which is continuosly evolving I would suggest try to go with the latest teaching materials whenever possible.

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Is cs231n 2018 version videos available online? Couldn’t find it. Can you share the link here?

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the 2018 videos are not out yet, yet you can watch the 2017 videos with the 2018 syllabus.I think both courses cover the same materials

I was also intending to go with the latest materials, but karpathy’s lectures are sooo much fun and he is very good at explaining :slight_smile: will i miss anything if i watch his videos instead of the 2017 ones, while reading notes and doing assignments from the 2017 version? or are johnson’s videos just as good?

Ok. I have already watched both the versions and completed the assignments for 2017 one. For the suggestion I think 2016 version is better because Andrej Karpathy explained everything so well. You can still complete the assignment from 2017 while watching 2016 version. Not much has changed in the assignments except in the videos where they have added some extra topics in last lectures. You can cover those by watching last 2-3 lectures including guest lectures.

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I see, so it’s mix and match then :slight_smile: thank you for your suggestion.

I just want to second Rohit’s advice. If you’re looking for resources/links to videos from 2016, here is a collection: https://github.com/hnarayanan/CS231n


wow thank you so much man,it will make it much easier to have everything in one place.I guess i will watch the 2016 lecture videos while doing the 2018 assignments and reading 2018 notes.then i’ll add the last few lectures of 2018 since they’re not covered in the older version.

You’re welcome!

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