Which steps would change if I use Papersace or Floydhub?

Hi Guys,

Sorry for starting a new thread. I’m bit confused here and unsure of where to go:

I watched the setup video by Jeremy for setting up AWS. When I explored this forum, I found many recommendations to reduce cost. I’m looking for your recommendation and exact steps which I need to change to if I select any other vendor than AWS:

Below threads talk about different approaches:

So, If I were to use Paperspace or FlyodHub, which steps would I change?

Note: Current instructions majorly focus on AWS: https://github.com/fastai/courses/tree/master/setup

It will nearly be same as you will need to run the bash script (.sh). Regarding the commands that jeremy used for setting up EC2 instance and commands to retrieve instance IDs, start, stop operations. You have to look for the alternate for the service you will be using.

Thank you! I believe these are the steps that I would need to change for Floydhub:

  1. install CLI
  2. create user and give admin permission
  3. Run setup file

I think step 1, 2 can be found online but does script change? I believe Jeremy/team had configured to AWS.

Yes here’s few thing needs to be changed:-

  1. The setup GPU script is going to change.
  2. The instance ID retrieving command.
  3. AWS primary key for authentication.

I recall a few. There’s more I think.Please have a look a the P2 setup script. Also P2 is for AWS. Find a alternate one for Floydhub.