Which AWS AMI to choose for the course?

I am a bit confused between which ami to choose for the Part 1v2 course. Are we supposed to follow the same instructions as that of previous part 1?

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Have a look at the introductory workshop…(around last 30mins)…

Jeremy had mentioned that he was going to use a custom one, but AWS DL AMI (ubuntu) looks pretty good too.

I think we’ll get to know during the live stream.

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Ya, as far as i remember he said the same thing. Thanks. Maybe to waiting till first live stream is a better option to setup aws completely.

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I have the same question and am also waiting for this to be clarified, perhaps in the first live stream.

We’ll start on Monday simply using crestle.com, to keep things simple. For week 2, I’ll provide either a script to run on AWS’s DL AMI and/or an AMI built on top of it.


@jeremy Nvidia seems to have recently created an AMI (Nvidia Volta Deep Learning AMI) for EC2 and other cloud instances, using docker. Requires a (free) registration with Nvidia GPU Cloud. It has all the deep learning libraries available, and is tested for P3s. Details here: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/gpu-cloud/

A bash script would be awesome :slight_smile: Provides insights into how to set up a DL box and can be a great starting point for those who like to tinker around.

so,@init_27 there is no need to set up the instances now.

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I still tried to tinker around with a few instances just to get the hang of AWS.
I feel I need to learn a lot, I’m still a novice Python programmer compared to everyone.

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@init_27,did you finalize the laptop.actually i too interested in buying a laptop to progress further in the domain of deep learning and i know for a fact with a core i3 processor and 4 gb memory ,i may not able to move further.therefore could you please guide me to whatever you discover for purchasing a good laptop for deep learning,which is available in India too.i’ll be eagerly awaiting for your answer.

thanks in advance

When setting up my DL instance on crestle, do I need to install anaconda on it with python 3.6? Instance has a default python version of 2.7

Python 3.6 as needed by the fast.ai lib.

AWS DL AMI has python 3.5 as said by the lady teacher in the last 30 mins of the workshop. She said that Amazon guys have a very strange choice in libraries and she had to install a bunch of things to get everything working.
So we should no try AWS DL AMI

I think I created a public AMI ami-b71abdce with everything needed for this course (libraries, data) and already on the volume. You can spin up a spot instance, ssh into it, run the jupyter notebook using the provided script (execute `./start-jupyter-notebook’ from terminal) and you should be able to run the entire first lesson notebook.

But, as I only have my AWS account, not sure if the ami is really accessible to anyone else :slight_smile:

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Which region did you create the AMI in @radek ? It will only be accessible in the same region.

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Ah I see. I am using eu-west-1.