Which Author Book is Best for AI

Hello Everyone, I am in the learning face of Artificial Intelligence and looking for an online book. I have checked on google but there are lots of books and I am confused between Max Tegmark and Peter Norvig Author books whose names are Life 3.0 Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence- A Modern Approach (3rd edition). Can anyone tell me, Is the right choice for the beginner level?

Try reading the fastai book, and playing around with the code on colab. It’s free.

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You have mentioned two books from the two opposite ends of the spectrum. Tegmark’s book is on the speculative end, and Norvig’s book is on the more concrete end.

If you’re interested in Artificial General Intelligence. I’d say read Marvin Minsky’s “The Society of Mind” and “The Dream Machine”. Both are available online in some form.

For “Artificial INtelligence as we know it”, Patrick Winston’s Course MIT 6.034 “Artificial Intelligence” is an excellent survey of the field. You can’t go wrong with that, and it’s more accessible than Norvigs book (for me at least) and more grounded than Tegmark’s. I tried reading Tegmark’s book but didn’t quite get into it. His lecture on AI is good, you can see it on youtube.

Having said all the above, If you’re interested in being a Deep Learning practitioner, then there’s nothing better than Jeremy/Sylvain’s book (aka “fastbook”) in my opinion.



Hi Shivam

I would also recommend Jeremy’s book because most AI books love to use terms which require a Google search for their meaning. By using the Gamma function we can create an initial guess… The Gamma function is itself a function of the Beta function. The Beta function is the n-1 factorial of a continuous integral. Once you have read Jeremy’s book you could try Deep Learning with TensorFlow 2 and Keras. The website towardsdatascience.com is also generally well written.

Regards Conwyn