Where to start?


There are multiple courses in fast.ai. I understand its approach, however, where do I start? Is below order correct?

  1. Practical DL
  2. Part 2: DL from Foundations - So, Part 1 is Practical DL?
  3. Computational Linear Algebra
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Hi Parthiban

Start with the 2020 course for which there is also a book with the same content.
When you are happy with that and you might need to do the course three times to fully understand it.
I suggest you do the natural language processing course.
Next optionally the Ethics course.
You can then do part 2 which is part 2 of the 2019 course but be aware the last two chapters (videos) cover Swift and Tensorflow.

Regards Conwyn
Finally do the Computational Linear Algebra which gives a more Mathematical basis.
You can then do 2019 part 1, 2018 and 2017. These should be much easier once you have completed the above course but you will come across interesting bits not covered in the modern courses.