Where to kidney, gall bladder or breast cancer datasets

First post here, so please pardon my mistakes.
I just finished Part-1 of the course am looking to apply what I’ve learnt so far and create a model to detect some common kidney and gall bladder diseases from ultrasonic images but I’ve had a hard time finding a good kidney and gall bladder ultrasound image dataset. Can someone point me to some relatively large datasets other than those found on UCI? A breast cancer dataset will also be appreciated.

Have you looked on kaggle? https://www.kaggle.com/datasets

Yeah I did. All of them are fairly small.

Try data augmentation perhaps. You can do the RandomDihedral() augmentation method probably.

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I have some past experience working with various medical imaging modalities. I think the reason why it’s hard to find labelled ultrasound image dataset for deep learning is due to the high variance of readings from doctor to doctor and highly-dependent on the key opinion leader in the clinical environment.

I found one past Kaggle competition with decent ultrasound dataset but not sure it meets your requirements:

As for a relatively large mammogram dataset, it’s available in TCIA (The Cancer Imaging Archive):

Thank you very much for the mammogram dataset. I didn’t know that about the ultrasound images, appreciate your insight.