Where is URLs.PETS defined?

Hi all,

I’m looking at Course v3 - 2019, Lesson 1.

The Jupyter notebook is here:

In the notebook, URLs.PETS is defined from the start.

Before doing anything, if you run URLs.PETS
you get output.


I’m used to seeing variables defined before they are used.

Where is URLs.PETS defined?
Are there other variables?


Image here:


Ok, it seems to be part of the module:

PETS: A 37 category pet dataset with roughly 200 images for each class.

Am I correct on this?

It is part of the framework.
You can use it to download the data.

path = untar_data(URLs.PETS);
After that, you will download it into the path location.


I’ve always seen:

Data, and

In addition to the rest of the tech stack

Here, you don’t even need to
download the dataset. The code, or
objects do it for you.

This is a new paradigm.