Where is the lecture videos?

(Kin Tat Lay) #1

I heard the class videos for USF Deep Learning Part 1 are recorded. When I go to Youtube, I found class lectures for the older section, but not the lecture video for the class started on 10/22/2018. Can someone guide me?

The older class video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPBSB1HLNLo&t=26s


kindly go through the emails from fastai. Youtube link is given in that. Thanks

(Parthasarathy Mohan) #5

Follow this link

Click on lesson video

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #6

This is only available to fast.ai Live and USF participants. It will be publicly available in early 2019.

(Matthew Emery) #7

Hi @jeremy, I signed up for the course (I’m working through the Vancouver study group), but I don’t have access to the new subforum. In your video you mentioned two people I could talk to. What are their user names here?

(Matthew Emery) #8

Realized that you were specifically talking to the people in the room when you mentioned those people. My bad.