Where is the lecture videos?

I heard the class videos for USF Deep Learning Part 1 are recorded. When I go to Youtube, I found class lectures for the older section, but not the lecture video for the class started on 10/22/2018. Can someone guide me?

The older class video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPBSB1HLNLo&t=26s

kindly go through the emails from fastai. Youtube link is given in that. Thanks

Follow this link

Click on lesson video

This is only available to fast.ai Live and USF participants. It will be publicly available in early 2019.

Hi @jeremy, I signed up for the course (I’m working through the Vancouver study group), but I don’t have access to the new subforum. In your video you mentioned two people I could talk to. What are their user names here?

Realized that you were specifically talking to the people in the room when you mentioned those people. My bad.