Where is the future of fastai? Swift4TF is died

Hi there,

I am a returned user. I was fascinated about how easy to use FastAI to quickly set up custom model to fulfill my personal goal.

A few days ago, I need to build something for my company so I returned to FastAI and found there are 2 lessons for the future trend of FastAI which is to use Swift2TF.

So I checked out Siwft2TF and found it has already been archived and died. This made me sad, as I thought this means the next generation of FastAI has died even before come out.

So my question is where FastAI will be heading to?
After Swift4TF, what’s the next language FastAI will pick up and start to build on top of it?

Many thanks for any answers.

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Check this

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Thanks @miwojc I can feel that even Jeremy is hesitating about where to head to.

So far, Julia looks good but not backed up by big companies, still have many gaps in developer experience.

So this is what I concluded after watched these 2 videos.

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That’s my conclusion too. Seems python/pytorch is the home for fastai for now.

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I may be (and hope to be) wrong, but my feeling is that Jeremy kind of gave up with fastai. I mean, how often does he post on this forum?


Quite wrong, actually. You should join the discord. He’s actively planning v3, and is thoroughly working with the community for the next phase of fastai

Right now also nbdev v2 is what he’s working on as well


Jeremy is quite active on discord. New part1 course is starting end of April. Jeremy said wanted to add easy huggingface and timm support for fastai. nbdev2 is in development. some of my observations.


I do get your frustration there.

We’ve found that the discord provides for better real-time conversations, while the forums is for the main Q/A.

Here’s a never-expiring invite, feel free to come join!


I’m really glad to hear that!

I’m more of a forum person… You know, stuff that sticks for long time. But I’ll join right now, thanks for the invite! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads-up.
That’s good. I’m reading about it right now.

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Thanks for posting it! I guess I missed the announcement.

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I asked the same question in Discord recently. The library is not active as its peak but there are still many people who silently support it ( we’ve just finished a 1st document sprint - to improve the documentation of FastAI and welcome new collaborator )

Looking forward to try the new version of FastAI @ Zach . I haven’t catch up with Timm, transformer, etc stuffs … yet


Thanks guys for answering my question.

@miwojc Really great to know that the FastAI is not dying and know Jeremy is actively developing its new version :star_struck:

Really like the integration of huggingface as one of my PhD friend just recommended this to me and I am deciding which one to pick up. If FastAI got it integrated, then voila ~ I don’t even need to choose, just use FastAI to do everything ^^

I will join the Discord as well. Looking forward to see the new feature.


In the meantime you could check GitHub - ohmeow/blurr: A library that integrates huggingface transformers with the world of fastai, giving fastai devs everything they need to train, evaluate, and deploy transformer specific models. which integrates hugging face Transformers and fastai. Nice notebook from Wayde (blurry creator) here https://www.kaggle.com/code/ohmeow/iterate-like-a-grandmaster-blurrified