Where is "Open in Colab" button in docs?

On the docs page I see " You can use fastai without any installation by using Google Colab. In fact, every page of this documentation is also available as an interactive notebook - click “Open in colab” at the top of any page to open it (be sure to change the Colab runtime to “GPU” to have it run fast!) See the fast.ai documentation on Using Colab for more information." – but when I visit the docs pages, e.g. fastai - Text transfer learning I don’t see any colab badges

I do see this in the code: fastai-docs/_config.yml at 5ed291976a23d15144e713cd347ecd3d1c295fd8 · fastai/fastai-docs · GitHub

but perhaps something else is broken – just checking if anyone else has context for this. Thanks!

Speaking of colab, it seems like the fastbook github repo is quite out of date compared to what you get when you pip install it? I wrote a comment on an issue here: fastbook.setup_book() requesting Google Drive access · Issue #546 · fastai/fastbook · GitHub – would be great if anyone has more context there!

I remember there used to be those buttons last year, but not anymore.

Unfortunately, if you want to go through the tutorial, I think you have to go to fastai repo on Github and find the tutorial file. Then, you can use colab extension on chrome to follow the tutorial on colab.

There may be better way to do this.

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