Where is Intro to Machine Learning course?


In lesson 3—IMPROVING YOUR IMAGE CLASSIFIER, time @36:25 @Jeremy mentioned to checkout ML course they have. Can someone share a link to that course.


Should I take Machine Learning For Coders before Practical Deep Learning For Coders, Part 1 OR order does not matter.

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Many people said they found it useful to go through them together since they both go hand in hand. But if you don’t have the bandwidth, I think it’s perfectly fine to go through DL courses first or vice versa.

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The Machine learning course mostly covers tabular data,Random forests,model interpretation, feature important kind of stuffs. I would say you don’t need them as prerequisite for the deep learning part 1 course. They are 99% independent of each other, although it will be good to watch it before the deep learning course because, it’s more beginner level course.

@vijayabhaskar Thanks for detailed narrative. So ML course would be similar to Machine Learning Andrew Ng Courses | Coursera ?

Project I want to work on deals with images. I wanted to know if ML course compliments or a pre-requisite to DL course.

Machine learning course by Andrew covers lots of Machine learning concepts theory, Jeremy’s ML course is more of a practical course and it only covers selected topics that I mentioned before.
You won’t need the ML course if you’re going to work only on image related tasks.

makes sense. Thanks for explaining all this. :+1: