Where did fastai 0.7 functions go in fastai 1.0?

rf_feature_importance and similar functions that were used when teaching the course in fastaiv0.7 are not in fastaiv1.0. I can still get the source code of these functions by going to fastai/fastai/old but have they been removed from fastaiv1.0.

I have been searching for days now for some official statement on what happened to all the methods from fastai.structured like proc_df(), train_cats(), draw_tree() …

I am following along with the 2018 course, but would like to use the latest fastaiv1.0 library, because I had issues installing the old library from github. Why were these methods removed and no alternative given? At least I could not find an alternative.

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Maybe @jeremy could help. But seeing that he already get’s so many at the mentions it would take a while.

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v1 is not backwards compatible with 0.7. You need to use 0.7 for this course.


Thanks. I created a file that copies most of the useful methods from v0.7 repo and import it when needed.

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