Where are the online resources mentioned in the book?

In many parts of the book, it says “X is available on the book’s webpage” and a link. But the link now redirects to the course page. Where can these things be found?

Especially curious about the stuff mentioned in chapter 15

There are other tasks that share a similar basic design, such as increasing the resolution of an image (super-resolution), adding color to a black-and-white image (colorization), or converting a photo into a synthetic painting (style transfer)—these tasks are covered by an online chapter of this book, so be sure to check it out after you’ve read this chapter.

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Hi @Matsemann
there are some posts in the forum, mentioning that the online chapters are still under development.

However, there are fastaiv1 notebooks doing super-resolution, and style transfer (lesson 7).

I’ve tried to port one of them to fastaiv2. It’s not finished yet (as you see the last picture is a mess :smiley:) but the results in between look okayish.

Hope this helps


I also have both ported on Walk with fastai walkwithfastai.com (see Course 2020 and the vision lectures)