When I use PuTTY to connect to my machine it asks for login

How should my machine be set-up, already started or in the off mode when I go to SSH into it?
When the SSH window appears it asks for my login and password, is it my login and password from the login page of paperspace? If not that, is the login my hostname and password the one sent to me?
I have tried different ways with no luck. My last try I used my command line but it kept saying this:

ssh paperspace@...
paperspace@...'s password:
Permission denied, please try again.
paperspace@...'s password:
I used my password emailed to me.
Please help!


Have you tried the support of your cloud provider ?

There probably tells you steps that you need to follow to use the service, like create you password and use a SSH certificate to use during the connection , stuffs like that.

Also please remove the access to your cloud from the internet. I mean it’s not a good practice to share it.
But I believe you will be fine if you follow the instructions.

I have the same setup,
Just type the default “paperspace” as the login.
It will then prompt you for the password as usual.