When does one start trying out kaggle


I just made it through lesson 4 and I was wondering when people generally start attempting kaggle competitions. After the course? mid-way?

Also, how helpful is it to do Kaggle competitions?

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A lot depends on the person. To give you one datapoint (perhaps an outlier), I have never entered a competition and never intend to. The competitive aspect makes it very unappealing for me, personally. I only use Kaggle to steal ready-made databases, like celebrity Tweets and lines from my favorite tv shows, and then use them for my own amusement.

However, if it’s your cup of tea, why not start now? Even if you think your knowledge is limited, I’m sure you’ll learn a lot. Plus who knows, everyone else might be overfitting and a simple model might save the day!

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you may be interested in this thread too, there are some great starter notebooks in this thread.


I tried participating in Kaggle post the 3rd lesson of the very 1st fastai course. I remember Jeremy recommending spending 30 minutes every day on a single Kaggle competition.

The sooner the better :tada::tada:.


@vahuja1990 In my opinion, half way through the course is enough to attack some simple vision competitions. To tackle more complex vision competitions, it might be a good idea to finish both Parts 1 & 2 of the fast.ai course (or equivalently the fast.ai book).

If you want to give NLP competitions a shot, then doing the official Hugging Face Course is a good idea.

I’m creating a small team for NLP competitions in particular. If you’re interested in joining & feel ready, get in touch & I’ll add you to the group. Cheers