What you need to do deep learning

New article from @rachel, “What you need to do deep learning”:

You folks already know most of it by now I suspect, but hopefully it might help clarify a few things. Let us know if you have any questions.

(And the best part is - Rachel is now well enough to write articles! :smiley: )


Extremely happy to hear :smiley: This is great news!


Great news indeed :smile:


I’m thrilled to hear that Rachel is recovering well!

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Thrilled to see @rachel recover. I cannot express in words how much of gratitude we owe to Rachel and @Jeremy. You both have kindled the interest towards becoming a deep learning practitioner in a guy like me who always liked technology but never rolled up the sleeves and got into it. I am amazed at my own progress from not coding at all to participating in kaggle competitions and finishing in the top 20%.

But as a learner trying to find my way through all the concepts, it would be great if we can also receive mentorship from you both on how to take this forward. For now it is as simple as digesting what is in the lessons and applying them to identical competitions. But life as we know it is not going to be so straightforward and simple. Skills will be required to do data cleansing / preparation, trying different models together (like ensemble of models I think), tweaking fastai libraries to suit the problem at hand.

It would be great if you both can also put a learning path towards these aspects as well. I will fully understand if what I am asking is too much given that you both are doing as much as possible today. Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Great news! The amount of wisdom and knowledge you both are spreading continue to amaze me! Ever grateful for that!