What will happen if I suspend my PC during training?

I am planing to build my own DL PC. Suppose I am running the jupyter notebook, training my model. While it is already 11:30pm, time to go to bed, while I still need to run another 2 hours. So I decide to suspend my PC to memory, in Ubuntu, this command is pm-suspend. The next morning, when I wake up my PC, what will happen ? Will the calculation continues ? Or I need to re-start again ?

Haven’t tried exactly this, but closing the lid to sleep my Mac: it just continues work when I open it again. But you could test this to be sure, in a couple minutes no?

see this post: CUDA lib not working after suspend on Ubuntu 16.04
That’s why I am not sure.
How do you run DL code in Mac ? Docker ? or virtual machine like parallel ?
If this could work, I am planning to build a 2k+ server to play, If not work, I would hesitate to build a 2k+ server.

I just tested this on my Linux (Ubuntu 16) machine. pm suspend will kill the jupyter kernel and unload GPU memory. The same happens on closing the lid (laptop) to sleep – so looks like MacOS and Ubuntu Linux behavior is different on this.