What’s the easiest setup?

What is the easiest setup for doing these projects in the cloud? (i am mobile on an iPad)

Free Colab worked for me so far. You do not need any setup for that.
Maybe slow sometimes.

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Jeremy has a whole playlist about this. He uses and recommends paperspace as an example.

Do you mean you want to code on an iPad? I’d probably find a laptop that can connect to the internet.


Haven’t actually tried working from an iPad, but if you just want to try the Jupyter Notebook style stuff, then any of the following should work:

Each of the above have their own pros and cons but I believe all of them allow you at least some free usage. I’ve used them all at one point or another but have forgotten some of the details :slight_smile: For smaller projects, any of the above should suffice would be my guess.


Kaggle just increased their performance numbers I think. I haven’t used their platform. Colab has been well to me, except for very long run-times (+1hr), then time-outs begin.

Thanks for this. After lots of investigation, it seems like Paperspace will be very well supported for the future.

Also, the iPad app Juno Connect supports it very well, and Juno is a very well reviewed app.