What is the estimated cost of GPU computing to complete Part 1?


Since I don’t have a suitable GPU to take the course, I would like to know how much I should expect to spend on GPU computing. I would appreciate your experiences with different providers.


Your coding experience and your desire to experiment can affect your actual GPU time, but estimate 10 hours per lesson, which would cost $4 at Paperspace, plus a $5/month charge for storage. If you use very small sample data, you can work out most of the coding on a computer with no gpu, and fire up the cloud when everything is working properly.

There are discount codes around the forum that can get you some starter credits to try out Paperspace for free. I find their browser terminal to be flaky, so go ahead and set up SSH for a smoother experience.

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0$ using Google Collaboratory, but it has it’s drawbacks (VM only lasts 12 h). https://medium.com/@prakash_31206/fastest-way-to-setup-fast-ai-course-notebooks-for-free-using-google-colab-gpu-and-clouderizer-c8a004e1d50d


A rough estimate would be- Assuming you study 10hours/lecture.

7 Lectures*Cost of p2.xl in your region * 10+20$ for storage and overhead.

You could use GCP’s 500$ free offering. (500$ per email ID :stuck_out_tongue:)
However, they do need you to pay 50$ (that get credited) to start.

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VM only lasts 12h? 12 continues hours? Or in total?

onepanel also for the moment gives gpu for free (as beta user or something like that, enought for the course)


12 continuous hours only, you can get a vm unlimited times through :slight_smile:
Btw. if you are a student there are programs from aws and github that give you free aws credits.

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