What GPU do you have? (poll)

I’ll share results by MON (unless I can find a way to share automatically which I’d activate)

EDIT: here’s the report with current responses:



wasn’t sure once you press No in the first question if you are asking about what GPU i have access to or use in the cloud? or should the survey end once you press No in the first question?

I meant local (not cloud) GPU (I’ll rephrase question so it’s clear).

@antorsae Just curious, what’s your answer to the poll?
1x2080Ti + 1x1080Ti? :slight_smile:

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2x1080 Ti + 2x2080 Ti


It is nice treasure. Can you share how do you put them all into a PC?

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it’s two PCs! :wink: I want to try to fit a 3rd one into one of the computers using a PCIe extensor. Haven’t tried it yet though

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One 1080ti + one 1070, each on 16X gen3

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1Volta V100 and 1 titan x

I have 4 GPU’s in my machine. 3x1080ti for deep learning and 1x1050 for driving my monitor.
Motherboard: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/HYTrxr/asus-motherboard-x99ewsusb31
Make sure your CPU has a sufficient amount of pcie lanes. You need a minimum of 8 lanes per GPU plus 4 lanes for your NVME drive depending on your motherboard architecture. I picked the 6850k because it was the cheapest CPU w/ 40 lanes.
CPU: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/4RvZxr/intel-cpu-bx80671i76850k
You need a big case to fit the large motherboard and you need to think about cooling for the graphics cards as there is virtually no room between them. I have mine set up w/ a water cooled 1080ti (EVGA GeFor​ce GTX 108​0 Ti FTW3 ​HYBRID) on top, then a 1080ti FE, then my 1050, then another 1080ti FE on the bottom. The air intake for the 1080ti FE is on the bottom and the 1050 is a short card so none of the air intakes for the 1080ti FE’s are blocked. I tried it in a different configuration initially but when the air intakes were blocked, the cards were getting very hot. The 1050 airflow is blocked but I don’t really tax it at all so it doesn’t get too hot.


Thanks, that’s great description. I have place for 2 gpus only which i already used. Was looking for solutions of how to connect more with some splitters but than gave up and thought 2 is enough for now.


2 1080s, not enough RAM for some lessons.

GTX 1050Ti.

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Hows the 2080 compared to the 1080? I have a 1080ti and am thinking about adding another gpu. Any recommendations?

How much would be enough?

Is there any post with hardware requirements for the V3 course, other than this one?

I’m asking because I want to build a PC, which I would like to use for the course. Thanks in advance

Not sure, only @jeremy knows for sure, in the last class he was using a 1080Ti that had 12GB of RAM, this time there are faster and better cards available. If I were you, I’d use one of the paperspace or other options, I built my machine in December 2017, and it cost me almost $4000 US. I don’t know what it would cost now. If you have a lot of money, I’d go for the latest 2080Ti.

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Anything is fine as long as pytorch v1 supports it. I still have 12GB GPU RAM. You can always reduce batch size.

If you’re aiming for a cheaper GPU, I’ve a 8 gig-GTX 1070 based laptop, It does the job for me and I’m sure for Part 1 the training time won’t be verrry long. For Part2 and a more future looking machine, you might want a better GPU.

Hi @matdmiller - interesting post. I have this motherboard: Asus WS X299 Pro ATX with a single 1080ti.

Do you know if adding a second GPU is okay with this set-up e.g. another 1080ti or maybe a 2080?