What does parameter mult mean in aug_transforms?

during my test, when use mult in (3.0, 2.0, 1.0), the accuracy increases. So what does mult mean?

This is multiplier for the following items: “max_rotate”, “max_lighting” and “max_warp” → as shown in the following line (from the source code):

max_rotate,max_lighting,max_warp = array([max_rotate,max_lighting,max_warp])*mult

If you are operating inside of a jupyter notebook, you can pull up the source code on something like this by running the following in a cell: aug_transforms??

Here’s the link (for the function) in the docs: Data augmentation in computer vision | fastai
Here’s the link to the source code in GitHub: fastai/augment.py at master · fastai/fastai · GitHub