What data type is returned by vgg.get_batches()?

I know it is the return value of ‘gen.flow_from_directory’ but what is the type of the return value.

Keras doc () says nothing about it (https://keras.io/preprocessing/image/)

How should i know what fields and functions are in this batch “type”?
For example:
What is batches.nb_samples?
Where would i know that batches has a field called batch_size? (batches.batch_size)

it kind of hard to handle those variable with out any proper documentation of those data type.

Can any one assist with that?


Found that in Jupyter prefix variable with ?? will display the type of the data, its source etc…

it is a DirectoryIterator class implemented in keras at:


I think it is an iterator object.

also dir(name of variable) will list all function and attribute of a the class instance