What are the names of the pretrained models for vision?

Where can I find the vision pretrained models?

In your own interest, you should avoid posting the same questions on several topics, or using multiple question marks like this. You are more likely to get members of the forum to ignore you than help you.

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I am facing the issue of not knowing if it is better to post it inside other post or as a new post!

Both are fine options, just don’t do both at the same time :wink:

My apologies.

I have been looking into fastai2 codes and looks like that I found where the names cames from.

Is there any possibility of you adding DeepLab V3 or other torchvision models to FastAI 2?

I am going to create some functions that returns learner for them next week. Will you be interested in adding it to the library?

fastai only uses PyTorch models, so you can use any pytorch model directly inside fastai.

Yeah, I know that fastai can work with any model built with PyTorch.

My english is bad, I think that I expressed it in a bad way.

I was not referring to classification models, but to models such as semantic or instance segmentation.

I was thinking of creating learners that allowed you to use the pretrained ones from torchvision or that lets you train from scratch. Something similar to your DynamicUNet and unet_learner.