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Is there a way to create a new post? I can’t see anywhere on how to do this. Or, is the only way to ask a new question via responding to existing posts?

(zoooo) #84

Can anyone help me with this?

When I try to import “fastai.text” library, it returns this error message instead:

SyntaxError: invalid syntax


(siddharth) #86

What is the format to create a data bunch for regression problems using images like bounding box problem?

(Thomas Boogaerts) #87

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Sashank Gondala) #88

You can also use google colab - it provides GPU completely free of cost.

(Shridhan) #89

google colab is so inconsistent - the GPU goes off suddenly…wondering if anyone tried gpuoncloud.com GPU’s for practice? Seems to be reasonably priced and stable for instant start…

(Rose) #90

I’m new to this forum so hopefully this is the right way to post this:

I’m trying to build an ML model and would like to hire someone to help me finish my project. If anyone is interested please DM me!

(Michael) #91


new here.
Just started the lessons. HAve been waiting for a while before posting for the first time.
Hope i’ll find some answers

Thanks !

(Xandre Dmitri Clementsmith) #92

Hey guys, I’m looking to post a question. Attempting to reply in order to receive privileges. Thanks!!

(James Juan Whei Tan) #93

One thing you could try is Google Cloud Compute and AWS, they are quite reliable and reasonably priced as well too.