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How to get English subtitles in the video lectures? Thanks


Got it!

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I would like to create a post to explain what I am doing and ask some high-level questions about the process. However, I can’t find how to create a new post. Am I:

  1. Blind?
  2. Not yet allowed to create a post because I am a new user?


EDIT: Okay, option 2! It apparently takes some hanging out before being granted the right to post! (I must say that it is a bit confusing that the + New Topic button gets completely hidden instead of disabled/greyed out)

Disregard this reply please, but I’ll leave it here for the next person wondering.


I think + New Topic button should be grayed out instead of completely hidden for new user. And there should be a tool-tip appear on mouse-over of +New Topic Button that says why this button is grayed out.


I still don’t know how to post a question


How much do we end up spending in this course on AWS servers? I am on a budget and I want to know how much I will end up spending.


Did you figure out how to post a question?

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I’m new to the course, just finished the first 2 lessons. However, I expected that the course will be based on pytorch as announced. @rachel Will there be any update or new release of the course making it fully based on pytorch?

Thanks in advance…

I wonder how long it has to take before being granted to make a post?


I don’t think there’s any way to estimate that. It’s completely dependent on usage - uptime, mostly, but also CPU, bandwidth, and IOPS (overage costs are added to uptime costs).

The good news is that AWS recently started billing by the second, rather than by the hour - at a minimum of 60 seconds per instance. However, you still have to pay to boot up, shut down, or while idle. You also have AWS Billing Limits, Alerts, and Reports.

If you start with a t2.micro, and do most of your work there in CPU mode (no acceleration) until you absolutely need it, and are careful to shut it down, when not needed, you’ll cut your costs way, way down.

If you convert your t2.micro instance to a p2.xlarge ($0.90 USD / hour), you can try to ask for a Spot Instance, to save money… Regardless, be sure to shut it down – you’re still billed, by the second! If you inadvertently left an instance running for a whole month, it could cost you roughly $700.00 USD / month – IDLE!

To avoid costss, once again,

  • Shut it down, unless you need it
  • Use a t2.micro, where possible
  • Use a p2.xlarge Spot Instance, when you have to
  • Use AWS Billing Limits, Alerts, and Reports

I hope that sort of answers your question, maybe.


Is there a way to have an slack account and ask questions in real time or it’s mandatory to be an student of the Data Institute?

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I’ve only just found out about the course you are currently in the midst of hosting and got really excited about it. However, I quickly realized that I had just missed the deadline and that the course just started a couple of days ago…

Is it anyway possible to join the course at this point? Seeing as it has just began, I am am ready to put in the extra hours and catch up.

I tried to access platform.ai/data for datasets for each lessons, but in vane I cant access them at all, showing an access denied error message.
I hope you people could help me out!
Thanks in advance.



How do we access the video from the last lesson? Is it on the website?

Could anybody share how we can make posts? :slight_smile:

Edit: It might just be making any post, I got permission straight after this :slight_smile:


I think you have to write one comment to unlock the button

I have registered in the class started on Oct 30 2017. I do not have access to view the wiki link. And where is the class video available. And where can I read documentation about the mail fast.ai API used in the session.


do we have other translation for the courses, for instance, Chinese?