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@jeremy I could fill the form for part 2 just now since the faculty had a problem with forwarding it to me (according to them forwarding your email about applications to my email bounced back). Sorry for the inconvenience, yet I was able watch it online through the link last night !

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Hello everyone! replying here helps me ask questions. :stuck_out_tongue: thanks!

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Hello! This is my first reply.

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Hello everyone. This is my first reply

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Hi there

(sashank) #47

How can i post a new discussion .

  1. I am not able to move ahead due to issues of permission denied in Paperspace VM .
  2. I tried to go with Crestle for now but its slow. I found one code which i couldnt get from where is it calling the ‘Plt’
    "img = plt.imread(f’{PATH}valid/cats/{files[0]}’)"

Imports are given as below where it was not mentioned anywhere as plt.

This file contains all the main external libs we’ll use

from fastai.imports import *
from fastai.transforms import *
from fastai.conv_learner import *
from fastai.model import *
from fastai.dataset import *
from fastai.sgdr import *
from fastai.plots import *


How long will it take to be granted the right to ask a question? (New user here)

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Am I locked to ask new questions as a newbie in the forum? Can’t find the function. :sweat_smile:

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Its been 3 days since I made an account, when do i get access to post questions on the forum?

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Thank you!

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Hi ! I am Bruno. My goal here is learning from this exciting community and share my experience.

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:wave: just saying hello!

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First of all thanks for this course, it’s brilliantly designed and communicated!

I’m Theodore, I’m a Computational Environmental Designer and I’m here to further my knowledge in Deep Learning. I’m currently using various architectures in order to assess their utility in different design processes and problems.


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Apparently a reply here allows you to post. Only wasted an hour trying to figure that out.

(Vinisha Kanth) #56

Hey. I am getting a syntax error while connecting the clouderizer to Google collab ipynb notebook:

File “”, line 1
wget -NS --content-disposition “https://console.clouderizer.com/givemeinitsh/RStxRtqE” && bash ./clouderizer_init.sh
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Please help!


pretty weird, have to reply first before we can post a question in the forums :thinking:

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Yer this is confusing

(Kevin J Crosby) #59

I told Crestle to provide a cellphone activated kill switch in case the internet goes down, but they turn off after 24 hours.

(Prakash Gupta) #60

! needs to be pre-pended to run bash script from notebook. Correct command should be

!wget -NS --content-disposition “https://console.clouderizer.com/givemeinitsh/RStxRtqE” && bash ./clouderizer_init.sh

(Ritesh Shergill) #61

I dont know if somebody has already tried this but I was thinking of a way to reduce iterations in finding an optimized learning rate. I have attached a figure explaining the process. If somebody could take a look and verify if this method works and hasn’t been tried before that would be awesome.