Weights for an Open Images trained CNN?

I’m looking for PyTorch weights for any semi-modern CNN architectures (ResNet’s, etc.) pretrained on Open Images V4 or V5. If anyone has seen this or has trained on it themselves and is willing to share, this would be greatly appreciated!

Side note: I noticed that the TensorFlow object detection API has detection models pretrained on OIV4. Is it possible/practical to pull the weights for just the CNN backbone of one of these and then convert this to a format that PyTorch can load?

This could probably help

@austinmw Any luck in finding pre-trained PyTorch weights for CNNS using Open Images V4 or V5?

There are pre-trained detection models, but I’ve yet to come across any for classification.

No, sorry, I haven’t found any. I may get around to setting up distributed/spot instance training on a subset of the images in the next month or two.

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Thanks for the information. – Has anyone developed or found a fastai implementation for training Google Open Images on various models?