Weekly Online zoom discussion session to discuss the weeks Lesson UTC+10 Aus/NZ

Hey Everyone,

As we start with the live sessions of fastai in about a week, to get the discussion and engagement going so that we could clarify our doubts or engage with everyone in our time zone. I was thinking of hosting a virtual study session for all in UTC+10 time zone, depending upon how many participants are up for it. What do you all think?

Even if anyone is from a different time zone they would be welcome to join and contribute :slight_smile:

The ideas is studying together for few more hours weekly after 2.5 hrs of lecture by Jeremy and talking about some other concepts will enhance our learning



Thank you for initiating this.

I would like to participate in these additional studies - which day(s) do you propose doing discussions?
Personally, I think it would be more helpful if we schedule these a couple of days after each weekly lesson so that we have some time to understand contents better.

Can I put in a vote for continuing on straight after the lecture as I work full-time and am already taking time off for this course.

Thanks for initiating.
Would be happy to join via zoom.
Suggest a day or so after each video lesson from Jeremy.

I agree with @timbo72 that we should ideally give ourself couple of days of time to go through the content so that we all have diverse things to share in the session.We will keep it short just 30-40 minutes enough time for everyone to interact and chat about the learnings but not a pain to accomodate in our schedule.

Hey guys, I am happy to join as well the virtual discussion session. Having 1-2 days after the lecture to process information and provide value during the discussion is cool.

Let’s start with a 30-minute quick session to discuss the major learnings from Lesson-1 which is next week. We can increase the length of sessions as we go deeper(pun intended :smile: ) into the course. If all who are interested in attending the session can fill up their email ids in the below sheet, I can send an invite which all of us can add to our calendars as we may be in slightly different times around UTC+10.

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You all should have the invite in your inboxes.Let me know in case some one does not receive it.

@shub.chat I will have to skip this one as I will be overseas next week.

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Hi all! I’m looking forward to the lecture, but I won’t have time to contribute to any chat immediately after (have to get back to work).

Thanks! I just added my name

I just added my name as well.

Hey, I’ve just added my name as well. Look forward to discussing the lectures with you all.

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@yassam @nissan Sent an invite let me know if any of you dont get it

Got it and accepted, thanks!

Count me in @shubh.chat :grin:

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you should also have the invite in your inbox now :slight_smile:

are we on zoom now?
or are you using the message system J was just talking about?

Howdy. I’ve added my name.

still haven’t got your email @shub.chat