[week5 dogscats-ensemble]

During the build ensemble block of code within dogscate-ensemble

for i in range(5):
i = str(i)
model = train_last_layer(i)
train_dense_layers(i, model)

I am seeing this error.

ValueError: You called set_weights(weights) on layer “batchnormalization_3” with a weight list of length 0, but the layer was expecting 4 weights. Provided weights: []…

github link with all it’s embarrassing errors.

ll_feat.shape = (23000, 4096)
ll_val_feat.shape = (2000, 4096)

Keras : 1.2.2
Theano : 0.9.0.dev-c697eeab84e5b8a74908da654b66ec9eca4f1291
Tensorflow : 1.3.0

using theano backend

hrm… was hoping someone would call me on an obvious error.


did everyone sail through this with no problems?