Web Scraping

So I was trying to make an Image classifier to identify all players in the English Premier League. So how do I download the images of each of the 250 odd players? How do I use something like beautiful soup or Scrappy and download the images and tag them for each player and then convert it to a Panda’s DataFrame?

Scrape a website to get the names of all the players and then figure out a way to use something like this to download all the images. You should be good.

Thank You.Any idea on how I can recursively downlaod the images using the link you gave and then match the name of the player and the images and put all the names and image names to a csv?

250 is quite a lot you might not get good results at first.

Yeah, I’ll reduce it. Still, can you answer my first question?

PS: I am still in High School. I have been doing some projects similar to the one that Jeremy showed, but would now like to try something more abitious. Thanks for all those who are helping me!