Web data requests and datasets

I have personal expertise and capacity in gathering datasets from the web as well as access to a community of others with the same skills.

If there is a website that you would like to see made available as a dataset that could be relevant to COVID-19 research, leave your request in a reply below and I will see if I can help get it fulfilled.

In addition if there is an existing dataset that you know of, share it here. I wanted to start a forum topic where we could collaborate together.

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Here is a Canadian dataset actively maintained by the School of Public Health at the University of Toronto



Thank You. The data looks great. I hope there will be more wonderful “clear” data.

Nice. Why cannot other countries do the same?

SafeGraph is offering foot traffic density data to people doing research for Covid-19:


How You Can Get This Data

For academics, non-profits, and governments, we are actively donating any and all SafeGraph data. Please do not hesitate to reach out at academics@safegraph.com. Previous researchers have used SafeGraph data to understand coronavirus spread and Starbucks’s open-bathroom policy.