Web app error in render

Hi folks,

I just created the web app at:


to distinguish between parsley and cilantro. But once I load the image to test the app it says analysing and freezes. any idea why this could be happening?

This is the image that I am using to test (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Di40pyUOrtDaz4l-1jMdiwUqktjAYQsE/view?usp=sharing)

Hi @ricardocalleja , welcome to the community!
I assume you must have followed the tutorial from JH’s bear classifier?
That usually happens because you might have forgotten to change one of the lines of code (that was specific to the bear classifier), so its internally giving an error.
You might want to check your code line by line, and see where you need to make changes.

Thanks for the feedback @PalaashAgrawal . Yes i followed th JH’s bear classifier. Well it turns out that if I use a photo taken from my cellphone the web app does not work, but if I google an image and take a screenshot with my cellphone it does work. Is there any limitation to the size of the image to be anylezed?

Yes, its possible. Phone Cameras nowadays have very high resolutions- some are even more than 5 MB.

Well, ideally no, there isnt a limit set in the code, and it should only take long, but give a result ultimately. But maybe CPU throws an error internally(out of RAM or something). But you can try waiting for longer, maybe it will give a result!

It was a really fun experience I will practicing. Thanks a lot for you support @PalaashAgrawal.

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