Washington DC / Richmond

(Alex) #1

Hi there!
Any fellow fastAI’ers in DC area?

(Jason Achonu) #2

Hello Alex,

I’m in DC area, Georgetown.
We connect and see how we can work together.
Here’s my email : jason_achonu@gwu.edu

(Alex) #3

hey Jason!
Mc Lean here.
I will PM you.

(Jason Achonu) #4

Sure, no problem

(Kachi O.) #5

Hey Jason & Alex!

I’m in Laurel and would be interested in a meeting up for a study group.

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(kb) #6

Hi Jason, Alex et al

I am in Germantown MD. I want to join the study group.

(Alex) #7

@dukku1 @kachio @jason_achonu nice to meet you!
I’ve sent a PM.

(Quan Tran) #8

Hi guys,

I am in Rockville area. I’d love to join the study group too. My email is anhquan0412@gmail.com

(Vikrant Behal) #9

Hello all, I stay at Vienna in McLean.

(kb) #10

Hi Quan,

I sent you an email.

(Sneha Nagpaul) #11

Hey everyone!

I’m in Fairfax, VA. Would love to join the study group.

(Rajat) #12

I am in Fairfax.

(Paul Weidinger) #13

@tensoralex Did this group ever meet up? If so, I’d like to join. I’m in Silver Spring.

(Manu Sikka) #14

Hello I live in Potomac Maryland. Is any activity happening here? Did you guys meet?