Washington DC / Richmond

Hi there!
Any fellow fastAI’ers in DC area?

Hello Alex,

I’m in DC area, Georgetown.
We connect and see how we can work together.
Here’s my email : jason_achonu@gwu.edu

hey Jason!
Mc Lean here.
I will PM you.

Sure, no problem

Hey Jason & Alex!

I’m in Laurel and would be interested in a meeting up for a study group.

Hi Jason, Alex et al

I am in Germantown MD. I want to join the study group.

@dukku1 @kachio @jason_achonu nice to meet you!
I’ve sent a PM.

Hi guys,

I am in Rockville area. I’d love to join the study group too. My email is anhquan0412@gmail.com

Hello all, I stay at Vienna in McLean.

Hi Quan,

I sent you an email.

Hey everyone!

I’m in Fairfax, VA. Would love to join the study group.

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I am in Fairfax.

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@tensoralex Did this group ever meet up? If so, I’d like to join. I’m in Silver Spring.

Hello I live in Potomac Maryland. Is any activity happening here? Did you guys meet?

Hello everyone. I’m a data science student at GWU and also the president at GW Data Club.
I can arrange study rooms in the DC area and reach out to the audience at GWU interested in following the course. If anyone is interested please reply below or reach out: chirag@gwu.edu

Hello! Is this study group currently happening? If so I’d like to join!!! If not, can we get it going? I’m currently living in DC but can do Arlington as well. Thanks!