Was I accepted to fast.ai Live 2018 or not?

Hi, all,

on Saturday the 13th (before the subscription deadline) I subscribed for the fast.ai Live 2018 course, I confirmed the subscription and I could see

fast.ai Live 2018

Subscription Confirmed

Your subscription to our list has been confirmed.

Thank you for subscribing!


101 Howard St

San Francisco, CA 94105-1629

Add us to your address book

However, I never received the link to the videos. My profile does exist, and I got the above message saying that my subscription was confirmed. So, am I actually subscribed to the fast.ai Live list or not? Thanks,


As far I know the subscription to live session had a dead line too don’t ?

Last week was the first lesson. But may be they still let you in.
If so you will just have to look on the forum then you will get access to a private URI on it

I assume the video was recorded?

I it available online yet?

EDIT: I looked around. Nope. Not yet.

People participating to the live session can watch it.
But cannot share, the URL will be part of the MOOC next year and will be released next year

As I already said,

I subscribed to the fast.ai Live course before the deadline, and my subscription was confirmed. If fast.ai Live is not the live session, then what is it?

its a live session in pre-determined days on the calendar you have access on your private forum.

The links will not be send by emails either… all happens on this forum on the private forum if you was approved.

Then I was not approved, though the message said

Subscription Confirmed

Your subscription to our list has been confirmed.

An email clarifying the actual status of things would have been a nice gesture.

Hi AndreaPi

Independent of this message. The fastai is not sending emails to anybody.
If you get approved then you have access to the fastai private forum right here.
If you haven’t see any information on this forum lately since past 3 weeks you may be not get approved at all.
There is nothing you can do then.

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Hi, Willismar,

yes, I think that’s exactly what happened: I didn’t get approved. Since I spent time answering the application questions, it would have been courteous on part of fastai to spend less time than that by sending me an automated email notifying me that I wasn’t actually subscribed, but it looks like it’s asking too much.

You’re definitely right. Thanks for helping me getting clarity on this.

Hi AndreaPi,
Don’t get discouraged; if you are like me, this will be the best technology course you have ever taken. I prefer the off-line class because I can hit rewind and make sure I get everything. I made a Word document from each class, using screen shots, etc, and I believe it is going to be my reference book for many years to come. The only sad part is that this new class has been revised, and so if you want the very latest on the fastai library, you will have to wait. That is partly mitigated by the fact that the documentation for the library has been written! Best wishes, Dana

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