Want to know list of papers/projects using fastai

I posted the same thing in different board(Part1), but I think this place is more suitable.

if anyone knows, please put what you know as a reply.

I am actually forming a fast.ai community in South Korea via Facebook Group. It is to let people who are not familiar enough to English contents know about fast.ai things.

it is all Korean. but here is the link in case you are interested.

Since fast.ai is know well known library for ML and DL yet, it would be great to introduce lots of papers using fastai library so they can be intrigued by fast.ai.

also, the list could help people to feel confident enough to use fastai for writing own papers or running some projects.

also, we could make something like “awesome things with fastai” github repo :smile:

I haven’t delved very deeply into papers involving fast.ai, but if you are looking for ‘awesome things with fastai’ I would recommend checking out the ‘Share your work’ threads, which have a wide range of varying applications involving fast.ai!

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this is awsome. Thanks a lot @blueharen to let me know about it.

It was a shame that I didn’t try to find “share your work here” thing beforehand.

I hope there are the same or similar thread in 2018 category.