Virtual Study Group

Hi Everyone!

I’ll be doing ML Lecture Marathons followed by DL Part 1 Marathons this Month. If anyone is interested in forming a Virtual Study Group (Hangouts/Zoom), please feel free to join.

Also, I have an okay-ish GPU (1070) and would be happy to help run your models if need be.



I am interested in joining!

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That’s awesome. I’m down as well.

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I am also interested.

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i would like to join this group too

I as well!

+1 how do I join

I’ll host weekly discussions starting on the 12th of August.

Please take a second to vote for the best timings.

Signed up! Thanks for doing this. I’ve actually got about five guys on my team starting the course, so I’m excited to hear what you all find so I have more to go challenge them with :slight_smile:

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