Virtual study group for GMT+3?

Hi guys, it’s Andrew in Saudi Arabia. I’m super excited to take the Part 2. Wondering if there’s anyone in GMT+3, we could have a group for emotional/material support, and discuss potential project ideas. Cheers.


At GMT +5:30.
2 and a half hours difference but I think we can work that out. Count me in?

Sure thing, why not? Now we need to see if we actually get a group (3+)

Hi, I’m from Turkey (GMT+3) and interested in. I think, timezone range of group can also be broaden for western side (GMT+2,GMT+1) like eastern side.

I am from Russia, Ekaterinburg city (GMT +5) and I am also interested in. For me lessons will be start every Tuesday, 6:30am local time, very usefull)

I’m Brian, from Nairobi (GMT+3), and I’m interested in joining in this study group. My lessons will be starting at about 4:30 A.M.

Considering DayLight saving is now over the 6:30 pm PT should be 4:30 AM in Kenya.

Count me in too.

Right. The script I wrote didn’t take that into account. Dates really are the programmer’s final boss.

Hello, I am Alaksandar from Minsk, Belarus.

My timezone is also GMT +3. I will be delighted to participate in the group. The lesson started at 4.30 a.m. my time today :slight_smile:

Very early but it is a great start of the day.

Good luck to all of us.

Count me too

Is this study group active? Are you meeting any time soon?

Seems like we don’t meet often enough. Is anyone available to start collaborating?