Virtual Study Group (EST/UTC-5)

All the study groups seem to be in person, and for me (Louisville, Kentucky) that’s not an option as I think I’m the only one haha. Would anyone like to get a group chat on whatever platform to discuss course material and projects we’re working on?

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Under the auspices of Sam Charrington’s This Week In Machine Learning Project, we are running a study group for “Practical Deep Learning for Coders”. You and (any other interested folks) are welcome to join!

We meet online via Zoom on Saturday mornings from 9 to 10:30 AM, Pacific Time. This Saturday we will be reviewing Lesson 3.

Join at


Awesome! Thank you for the invite and for taking the initiative to get it going. I’ll sign up and see you Saturday.


Hey just wanted to say the meetup Joseph posted above is a very active study group with a review of the course material followed by 1-2 presenters talking about a more in-depth topic like a recent paper or a section of the documentation. I was looking for more of a chat-based study group but they have that as well on slack, so if you find this thread and are looking for a study group, come join!

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@MadeUpMasters @jcatanza is this still happening? I’m looking for a study group east coast time.


Yes. Here is an announcement of our new remote study groups. We are on UTC-8 time, but our meetings are on Saturdays 9:00 - 11:00 AM so they are accessible to folks on the East Coast. All are welcome! Hope to see you there.