Virtual Study Group-"Beginner in Deep Learning"

Hello Everyone :wave: ,
This is Aditya from India and I am currently a Senior Year Undergrad.
I have just started Fast Ai’s Practical Deep Learning for Coders. Just completed the first two videos. Looking for people, groups to study together and collaborate from anywhere around the world.

Main Aims of Studying Together:

  1. Explain to Each other various topics. What better way to learn than by teaching?
  2. Create Notes for each notebook that we can share.
  3. Work on new projects, datasets based on and beyond the course.
  4. Keep each other accountable for completing this and the other ones on Fast AI.
  5. Create an environment where we can learn and improve our skills to the best possible level.
  • The format for the meeting can be zoom, google meet, or any other form that suits each other and timings have to be mutually agreeable(in case time differences lie).

Let’s Study together and Get things done.

Thanks in Advance.

PS- Discord Link for the study group- fastAI Summer 2022


+1 sign me up

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+1 I was personally waiting for the latest course to arrive in August, and then start Deep Learning. But if there’s a study group, count me in as well :slight_smile:

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yooo I’m in! I’ve done the first 3 videos! We should definitely start a discord channel so we can talk to each other!

Yeah, The newer course comes in august. But we can complete the older ones as most of the course material would be the same. As the new course drops, it would be the perfect revision of old concepts and newer ones can be learned as well.

Join on the discord server,we can discuss the details.

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could we do a discord server and you just post the link here?

Yeah, why not. Do send me the link.

Thanks for the reply mate.

Join on the discord server to discuss out the details.

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Thanks for creating this study group, it will surely help for learn with peers!

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Im in!