ViM Resources

Anyone have really good ones? Many videos, Medium links, blogs welcome. I’ve tried different ones but wanted to know what folks like here (always obsessed with customizations and plugins like making any IDE pretty).

Not really a vim resource, but take a look at spacemacs, it joins the power of emacs and vim, it’s REALLY AMAZING.

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Great question.

I feel like everyone in the know is using vim, but honestly, I kinda dig VSCode for all my development. Still, would love to learn some vim as I can’t use VSCode when on my AWS instance, and it seems for “programmerish” than nano, which I’m just more comfortable with.


Here’s a great blog post, updated for vim 8:

Also, Drew Neil (author of Practical Vim) is coming out with a new book updated for vim 8:


I do not know how to look at the time I’ve put into learning VIM - really, really happy now but don’t think anyone should feel bad about not using it.

Having said that, if anyone would like to start getting into vim, the book @z0k recommends is brilliant and I can 99.8% recommend the below :slight_smile:

It is… a game in the browser that teaches you the vim bindings :slight_smile: Aaand the first level is free :slight_smile:

Between the book and the game I think you have the best that the Internet has to offer, add to this and just for fun type vimtutor in your terminal and you have a very nice set of resources to speed you along the way :slight_smile:


I like VIM, but the biggest problem with it is that it doesn’t support autocomplete to the level of Eclipse/Pycharm. Eclipse seems to be able to figure out the return type of functions. For example:

var1 = my_func()
Now if my_func returns a pandas DataFrame

Pressing var1 in Eclipse will show me all the methods of DataFrame

This kind of functionality is extremely useful when navigating codebases written by others (like fastai). I could not get this to work completely in Vim, using LanguageServer or YouCompleteMe. Let me know if someone can get this right :slight_smile:


There is a plugin for PyCharm called IdeaVim and it allows to use code navigation and other vim features in addition to all the goodes from the IDE itself. I think Eclipse should also have a similar plugin.

Tagging in VIM?

How does @jeremy do the jump to tag in VIM as shown in Lesson 4? Tried the ctrl-] on my machine, but says No tags file, tag not found.

Is there a plugin to automatically set the tags?

Thanks in advance!



Looks like the magic is in ctags.

ctags -R .

Had to also update ctags version to exuberent ctags.

sudo apt-get install exuberant-ctags

+1 - I’m comfortable using vim. I use vim+vscode (and sometimes PyCharm). If I can get YouCompleteMe to work with Python then I’ll be committing even more to vim!

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Take a look at