Video segmentation task


for some time I am thinking about a case for DL to be used for segmentation of sport video (e.g. tennis) where the algorithm should split the long video into many small segments corresponding to individual rallies, i.e. the parts of the video where the “ball is in play” and where the ball is not in play (majority of the time). Ideally, it should use not only video input but also the corresponding audio input.

I would greatly appreciate any hints how to approach this problem or directions towards such case.

Thanks a lot, kind regards,


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You might find this resource useful as a starting point! It includes a walkthrough and github repo with all the code as well. :slight_smile:


I am very interested in this topic as well, I want to segment the video for basketball clip where a particular person is in or not in a frame and automatically split the video to chunks of short clips.

I would appreciate any pointers/reference, thanks.

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